Adam B.

Adam, a professional triathlete himself, not only holds an impressive record of competing in over thirty triathlons in as little as five years, including three-time Ultramarathon and seven-time Ironman finisher, and qualifying for the World Championships, he also trains and coaches other triathletes as well as school kids and young talent.

After volunteer teaching in the United States Peace Corps Adam returned to the US, to be mentored by a number of accomplished experts to improve his athletic coaching and training methods and become a massage therapist. When Adam realized the power and potential of modern medical massage as the perfect tool for treating and alleviating chronic pain and to prevent injuries in the first place, he abandoned the idea of physical therapy. What resonated in particular was the concept to “treat the problem and not the pain. Focusing on the source of the issue honors the fact that each client is unique and responds differently to the same treatment, while likewise, not every condition can be treated the same way. While intuition plays a part Adam is fascinated by the vast array of effective massage techniques and how they can deliver even greater results when used in combination.

Adam holds degrees in biology, secondary education, science education and medical massage therapy. His passion for athletic performance is a driving force for ever-deeper studies on injury treatment and prevention in theory and practice, never failing to improve as trainer, coach, massage therapist and athlete.

Adam is a gifted teacher for students of any age and all walks of life. At Body Wisdom he specializes in clinical/orthopedic sports massage. He enjoys taking his students through the mental and physical world of the athlete, engaging them deeply into the subject matter. With a hands-on approach students effectively learn assessment skills, formulation and implementation of time-tested and scientifically sound treatment options, as well as stretching, corrective exercises and home care programs for clients.

Aiming to make a true difference for athletes, Adam excels in working with sports-related conditions. At the same time he has a big heart for anyone suffering from pain and illnesses, such as chronic neurological and autoimmune disorders, including MS, orthopedic challenges or age related ailments. He understands and practices the full spectrum of clinical orthopedic massage and how it caters to everyone, from amateur and professional athlete to the general population or the specific needs of elderly or physically challenged clients.

Adam and his wife share their excitement for active sports, as well as on-going studies in their respective fields. Wellness is part of their life style and approach to raising children. Adam and his wife share their excitement for active sports as well as on-going studies in their respective fields. Raising their young family on a beautiful farmstead in northern Iowa, allows them to fully live their dreams.

Instructor: Orthopedic Massage


  • Degrees:
    • Biology
    • Secondary Education
    • Science Education
    • Massage Therapy - Medical Track
  • Professional Tri-Athlete
  • Sports Coach
  • Athletic Trainer
  • School Teacher
  • Massage Therapist since 2014

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