900 Hour Massage Certification Program

Curriculum of 540 Core Hours and 360 Customized Career Track Elective Hours

At Body Wisdom you have a unique opportunity to build the career of your dreams with a customized curriculum, specifically tailored to meet your requirements. When you enroll in a Body Wisdom Massage Therapy Certification Program you are taking part in a total educational process, unlike any other.

1.0. Body Wisdom 900-Hour Massage Therapy Certification Program

Our Unique Modular Approach:

At Body Wisdom you take one course at a time in modules of anywhere from 8 - 96 hours. This unique intensive style allows you to concentrate on one area at a time, increasing your retention and the depth of your learning. The exceptions are science courses, which are purposely spread out a little bit for students to comprehend, apply and retain the content more easily. Yet we still avoid overlapping different subjects on any given class day.

Choosing Your Start Time and Training Schedule

Body Wisdom offers one of the most unique learning environments in the country; one in which you can custom design a training schedule to suit your individual needs. This includes start and duration of your program as well as the timing of your classes, whether you prefer weekday mornings or evening- and weekend hours.

Program Components

Your program contains of a Core Curriculum and required Career Track Electives.

The Core Curriculum consists of 540 Hours, divided into 412 classroom hours and 128 student clinic hours; 16 of which may be accumulated through participation in school-supervised events.

This core part of your program is designed to give you a solid foundation of knowledge, tools and experience for professional practice.

The additional 360 Career Elective hours included with your 900-Hour Certification Program further expands your expertise, setting you apart fro other therapists, and preparing you for your specific career track, based on your unique interest and career goals.

Program Length

The general program length on a full-time schedule is 48 weeks, averaging 18.75 hours/week; and 72 weeks, averaging 12.5 hours/week on a part-time schedule. However, please note that each student’s schedule uniquely caters to their specific circumstances. Maximum program completion is 1.5 times of program length.

Please contact the Student Counselor regarding a possible transfer of credit hours into our program, and fees and details connected with such procedure.