Career Tracks

Most massage schools around the country and in the Midwest have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education, which amounts to a very basic curriculum that every student follows to completion. Their idea is, that after you graduate, you get additional specialized training to compete in this profession...

...But Why Wait?

At Body Wisdom we believe that you can have it all. Get a solid foundation plus specialized education NOW, with your initial training. Why not start right away to pursue your dream and passion, enjoy longevity and success and stand out in your desired profession?!

That’s why we designed our Body Wisdom Career Track Program with flexibility, choice and expandability in mind. You are able to choose from well over 1000 hours of Electives to determine your general track and further custom tailor it to your liking.

You might opt for one or our well-established sample-tracks below or let them inspire your own selection of electives.

Seven Career Track Samples

  • Medical, Orthopedic or Sports Massage
  • Wellness, Spa or Resort
  • Bodywork from Around the World: Asia, India & South Pacific
  • Common Styles for General Practice
  • Reflexology
  • Specialties
  • Practitioner Wellness Advantage

Track #1: Clinical/Medical, Orthopedic or Sports Massage

The modern approach to health care utilizes bodywork as a valuable element for prevention, treatment, recovery and pain management. Body Wisdom prides itself in the premier selection of highly advanced and sophisticated modalities, which provide you with the necessary expertise to cooperate with other health care professionals for the benefit of the client/patient.

Our specialty courses are filled with excellent techniques to assess, evaluate, and determine if and how to address common and specific conditions, postural- and work-related issues, injuries and pain. This track is not only perfect for the general public, but also ideal in working with specialty populations, from high performance athlete to the elderly clientele.

This track has been built on the experience of recognized experts, who have pioneered the field in special practice for high profile football, baseball and basketball professionals, runners and tri-athletes, where techniques are put to the test.

Recommended Career Track #1 Electives:

Additional Choices:

Track #2: Wellness, Spa or Resort Track

Far beyond what originally sparked the boom of the spa industry, wellness understanding has demanded massage as a true therapy to address the physical and mental-emotional well being of the client. Even integrating it with a healthy life style, exercise, diet and more. As a result spa menus have changed dramatically and the field continues to expand. Furthermore there now is a direct link between medical/clinical massage and wellness care. However, the market is in dire need of qualified practitioners, while the popular trend grows rapidly.

Settings are varied and include beauty- and day spas, luxury destination spas and resorts, weight management establishments, wellness clinics, work-out and gym locations, care facilities, healthcare clinics and wellness clubs, to name a few.

This track is our well-crafted answer to today’s wellness explosion.

Recommended Career Track #2 Electives:

Additional Choices:

Also our Special Body Series:

Track #3: Bodywork from Around the World: Asia, India & South Pacific

What makes this track so incredibly unique and valuable is the long-standing history behind these modalities, which have stood the test of time, in some cases for thousands of years. What wellness now brings home to our Western perspective has been the philosophy behind foreign approaches all along. Body and person are viewed as a whole, and to be balanced as a synergetic union. Traditionally techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, with on-going efforts to excel, master and refine them.

All of these modalities also honor the connection between the human body and nature, incorporating organic principles and/or materials.

For example Eastern practice identifies a network of hot spots along functional communication lines in the human system, called “Meridians”, as gateways for healthy functions. They call it flow of ‘energy’. We might say release of toxic tension. These modalities are often related to ‘energy work’. However, while all body work is energy work in that sense, all techniques taught at Body Wisdom involve direct contact and hands-on-touch.

Besides point manipulation there is stretching involved that adds to the caliber of these therapies.

Once clients learn about these treatment options, they tend to ‘get hooked’; and to no surprise, because the benefits are amazing and long lasting. Not to mention it is beneficial and a lot of fun to practice these skills.

There is also the practical advantage that clients don’t need to disrobe, and draping won’t get in the way. Sessions can take place in any setting, even in public, as often done in the original countries. Of course anything taught with this track conveniently integrates with movement practices, such as Pilates or yoga, etc.

Recommended Career Track #3 Electives:

Any other electives can easily be combined or interspersed with this track - see complete list under ‘Electives”.

Track #4: Common Styles for General Practice

If you look to provide commonly requested styles of massage to your future clientele, versus specializing in one direction, this track is for you. We group together the right selection of courses that match your personality, give you a signature style, plus all the bells and whistles to serve the general population with everything they may request. You can still focus more or less on relaxation, maintenance, pain management or overall wellness. But the key is that you get to pick just the right modalities to express your unique passion and intent in your work.

This track is not just ideal for private practice, but also prepares you for any employment or independent contractor position. It gives you an edge in the work place with the flexibility to change as need be.

Specialty Career Track Electives:

Additional Choices:

Any other electives can easily be combined or interspersed with this track - see complete list under ‘Electives”.

Track #5: Reflexology

Excellent for any setting Reflexology is an extremely effective treatment. There are many professionals, who practice only Reflexology. In the massage practice it can serve as a stand-alone modality or be combined with other techniques, or even just incorporated with a regular therapeutic massage. For practical purposes, as well as its amazing health effects, in addition to the flexible application, Reflexology is applicable to address the largest possible range of issues, from chronic back issues to hospice care, and where other techniques may fail. The strong client following that tends to come with this modality might be explained with the pleasure of receiving this work and the surprisingly full-body wellness feeling resulting from a session.

Reflexology defines points on the hands and feet that are stimulated below the skin to improve the functioning of the whole body or specific body areas away from the site of the stimulation. The foot is most commonly worked on with point manipulation. It has been mapped to show the areas of contact that affect different parts of the body. With proper training and technique, fingertip pressure on reflex points can relieve pain, stress, and muscular tension and encourage healing.

We are proud to offer you three unique approaches to Reflexology.

Please consult us if you consider a Certification in Reflexology alone.

Recommended Reflexology Track #5 Electives:

Any other electives can be added, for example:

(For a complete list refer to “Electives”)

Track #6: Specialties

In this ever-expanding field of massage, niche markets are emerging in high demand for specialized therapists. One example is natal care with the emergence of birthing clinics, prenatal yoga and nurturing the expectant mother. There is pressing urge already in retirement communities and care facilities for elderly, oncology, and terminal illness care as well as hospice. Another realm is the corporate field or athletes and sports massage. Not to mention the wellness wave that is about to sweep the country; it places new demand on many establishments from gyms to yoga studios, spas, and way beyond to offer massage.

But this track is also designed for those who want to add some unique set of skills to their broad-based spectrum.

‘Specialties’ therefore refers to the option of working with a specific population, in a unique setting, or to offer eclectic types of bodywork.

Recommended Specialty Track #6 Electives:

Any other electives can easily be combined or interspersed with this track - see complete list under ‘Electives”.

Track #7: Practitioner Wellness Advantage

Many wonderful and caring people feel drawn to the massage profession, but some have concerns whether their body would hold up to a hands-on profession. In fact, some licensed massage therapists experience challenges due to poor training, unhealthy body mechanics or repetitive motions. Unfortunately that has caused therapists to burn out and have to abandon their careers.

At Body Wisdom we have created an entire career track for practitioners with physical limitations or previous burnout. They can not only acquire a skill set that allows them to work as massage therapists, but also work smarter and better, in the interest of their clients.

With the long list of courses we offer on this track you still have choices and can pick what best fits, and expresses your unique style. You might let our counselors assist you with more details.

Naturally all of these courses are equally attractive to all other therapists and professionals, and perfect for continuing or advanced education.

Recommended Career Track #7 Electives:

(Specific selection to be determined by mobility and special needs of the therapist. Our counselor will gladly assist.)