Sea Shell Massage (16 hours)

Body Wisdom’s Hot Sea Shell Massage sequence is based on a treatment that Body Wisdom co-founder and international spa consultant, Rhett Hatfield, developed for the world-renowned AYANA Spa and Resort in Bali, Indonesia.

Now Body Wisdom students can offer a version of this unique treatment to their clients in their individual practice. In this 16-hour course you will learn about the healing properties of the different seashells, and how to integrate them into your regular massage, or offer them as a stand-alone treatment. This course is densely filled with content; and Sea Shell Massage offers something no other technique can. Its gentle nurture creates a sort of ‘safe zone’ that invites the client to rediscover a level of security and trust that can melt away the tension of our unconscious permanent armor, with which we face life and its challenges.

Highlights of the training include:

  • Luxurious Shell Foot Bath and exfoliation
  • Relaxing Hot Shell Massage sequence for the entire body
  • Soothing Shell Face Massage
  • Optional Shell layout sequence on the body’s energy centers

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 or Equivalent