Prospective Students

Is this Profession Right for You?

At Body Wisdom School we offer the information, but YOU decide!

No pressure, no expectations; and only you determine if this profession is right for you, as a part- or full-time career. However, to do so wisely, you need to know some Important Facts:

  • What does the massage profession entail?
  • What types of jobs or business opportunities are available?
  • What type of income can be expected?
  • Where does massage therapy fit into today’s and tomorrow’s market?
  • What type of modalities and clientele can you specialize in?
  • How to choose a good school and the right program for yourself?
  • What’s involved with getting a massage therapy certification?
  • What are your financial options?
  • How quickly can you get licensed and ready to practice?

When should You Schedule a FREE Consultation?

Our free consultations are especially important in the early stages of research, or if you are not certain if you should even consider this profession. No need to waste precious time, when a quick meeting can reveal immediate answers.

Of course, if you have already decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy, the consultation will be timely to refining your career track and plans, learn about scheduling options, costs and logistics and if Body Wisdom is the right choice for you.

In any case, our Career Counselors will gladly outline a sample or final program option for you, complete with costs, timing, schedule details, pace and career track electives, all designed around your personal needs and interest.

Our career counselors are passionate to provide you with all the information needed for you to assess, if and how to move forward.

Some of the Highlights of Your Private Open House:

  • Visit a Body Wisdom class in progress
  • Take a tour of the classrooms and Student Clinic rooms.
  • Have a real conversation about the massage business and its many opportunities
  • Get all your questions answered about the different massage techniques
  • Discover your own unique Career Track and Career Electives
  • Discuss your scheduling options
  • Watch short Video Clips of Massage Techniques
  • Review our professional text books for each course
  • Look over our Body Wisdom photo-illustrated manuals with step-by-step instructions
  • Discuss your financing options with our Career Counselor

Schedule Your Private ‘Open House’ now:

Call ‘G’ Kelley at 515-727-4890 (e-mail: to schedule your Private Open House and find out about the Body Wisdom Opportunity today.