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Body Wisdom is a proud leader in offering the finest education in the massage field available today. Nationally accredited and approved by the Federal Department of Education and local agencies, our exceptional team of experts serves the needs of new comers and massage professionals alike.

Highest standards cater to those striving to excel in this profession, as we provide a large menu of continuing and advanced education courses and programs in addition to our superior massage certification program with custom career tracks.

Regardless of your background or prior education, if you share our passion for wellness, Body Wisdom’s uniquely structured learning platform will enable you to rise to success.

Body Wisdom programs and courses teach you in-depth and hands-on skills, way beyond the theory. Everything is designed to prepare you to compete with the best and access positions in any setting or market. Individualized attention helps graduates to find employment or establish their or practice or business.

Originally, upon opening, we searched nationwide and even internationally for experts to teach at the level of our demand. Today, our reputation precedes us and amazing instructors seek us out to contribute talent and enjoy the privilege of teaching a top-notch program and the best education.

As modern research continues to advance body therapies quite rapidly, we don’t spare any effort to implement new developments to assure that our graduates and course participants can offer state of the art care to their clientele.

While hands-on skills and great technique are naturally top of the list, we emphasize all aspects of professionalism, including sciences, business, marketing, legal matters, ethics, and finances. In fact, we prefer you don’t struggle with big college debt but instead earn back on your investment as quickly as possible. Therefore, we offer generous financing options from Federal Financial Aid, Veteran Educational Benefits, to custom in-house payment plans.

Nevertheless, it is important to assess whether massage is the right profession for you. We NEVER want to “convince” anyone to take the plunge. Instead we assist you with the crucial information that allows YOU to explore and decide what’s best for you.

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