Premier Spa: Indonesia (16 hours)

Body Wisdom’s 16-Hour Premier Spa Indonesia course will train students in some of Indonesia’s most unique spa treatments and rituals including Royal Javanese Lulur, Balinese Boreh and Bali Spice Scrub.

Students will learn the historical background for each treatment and how to prepare the treatments from scratch, using traditional methods and ingredients. Learning how to prepare the treatments yourself not only helps you to understand their heritage, but can also save you money on expensive and manufactured products, often even of lesser quality.

Highlights of this Course:

Royal Javanese Treatment:

The Javanese Lulur is an ancient beauty treatment that was practiced in the palaces of Java as a “purifying” ritual for Javanese brides for 40 days prior to marriage. Today this same treatment is enjoyed by both, women and men, for its ability to freshen and rid the skin of impurities, leaving the client with a soft golden glow (a product of the golden color of the turmeric). The treatment usually begins with a Javanese foot bath ritual, followed by a Javanese massage with aromatic oils, which flows into an exfoliation scrub, using the lulur recipe of turmeric, sandalwood, rice powder, cinnamon, and other herbs and spices. A yogurt rub to nourish the skin, and a drink of Jamu herbal tonic while you are relaxing, completes the treatment.

Other treatments:

Other treatments including the Balinese Foot Bath Ritual, Balinese Boreh, Bali Spice Scrub and Bali Kopi Scrub, and others will be prepared, applied and experienced by all students.

  • Learn to prepare the treatments from scratch and to locate hard-to-find ingredients from Indonesian sources.
  • Learn how to combine treatments to create Indonesian Spa packages.
  • Learn about the history and culture of the people of Indonesia and Bali through stories, pictures, music and power point presentations.
  • Learn how to market your Indonesian Spa practice.

Focus for this Course:

The focus of this 16-hour training in Indonesian wellness treatments is to empower you to create your own Indonesian inspired ambiance. You will be taught how to “layer” treatments to create various “Spa or Wellness Packages” by combining the various rituals you will learn.

Body Wisdom Spa Research:

The Body Wisdom Indonesian Spa is sourced directly from the ancient healing wisdom of Indonesia through research and documentation among village healers, as well as personal visits to the top 20 spas in Bali. The result is a series of traditional treatments and a Balinese massage that is literally the best in the world.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 or Equivalent