Bamboo & Rattan Massage (24 hours)


For centuries bamboo has been a vital part of everyday life throughout South East Asia. No one knows who first started to use bamboo tools to help ease the tired muscles of family members, but it was only natural that they would fashion massage tools out of the material that had come to signify good luck, long life, friendship, peace and harmony.

Bamboo and Rattan Massage Tools

Body Wisdom Bamboo Massage uses a special set of beautifully crafted bamboo and rattan tools imported from South East Asia. With their natural coloration and texture, no two sets are ever the same. In use, the smooth surface of the bamboo feels good on the body of the client and in the hands of the therapist alike; and it is common to hear from clients, that they cannot tell the difference between the hands of the therapist and the tools themselves.

Each tool is designed to work on various parts of the body and maximize leverage and gravity with sliding, rolling, kneading, pivoting, levering, tapping and friction techniques. Because the tools cover such a broad area at one time they afford some of the most effective and enjoyable work imaginable on troubled areas such as neck, shoulders, back and legs.

Warm Bamboo

Before being applied to the body the Bamboo and Rattan tools are warmed with a heating pad. The application of the warm bamboo melts away the tensions of the client, while at the same time creating a deeply relaxing and soothing experience. The tools are switched from time to time to maintain that warm bamboo feel.

Can You Work Deeper?

Bamboo Massage answers the often-asked question of therapists, “How can I work deeper on clients who want deep pressure, yet save my hands?”. The use of bamboo and rattan tools levels the playing field between smaller therapists and their larger deeply muscled clients. The common request from client’s, “Can you work a little deeper”, can now be addressed with the proper use of the tools while still maintaining a natural feel to the client’s massage experience.

The Body Wisdom Bamboo Approach:

Our approach focuses a bit less on a complete bamboo massage sequence, where the therapist attempts to do every single part of a massage with bamboo and rattan. The simple truth is that bamboo and rattan tools are absolutely fantastic for some things, but not everything. So we concentrate on the strengths of the tools, such as their use in broad myofascial release, deep tissue strategies, trigger point work, leverage moves, and good body mechanics, which allow gravity to do the work.

Students will learn how and where to integrate bamboo and rattan tools as an inviting addition to their normal bodywork routine, but also how to create a complete Bamboo Massage treatment with other Wellness and Bodywork elements.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 or Equivalent