SansHands™ Flow Massage — A Hands-Free Massage inspired by Dance and the Movement Arts (24 hours)

SansHands is a relaxed, slow-flow, deep tissue massage, that saves the practitioner’s thumbs, hands, wrists and lower back, yet delivers all the pressure and luxury of a regular Swedish or Deep Tissue massage to the client.

Inspired by dance and the movement arts, SansHands™ is an embodied practice that allows the therapist to remain stress-free and in the state of ‘Flow’ experienced by dancers, martial artists and top athletes.

What Makes SansHands™ Different?

Massage is as much an art as it is a science: Once you get past the basics it’s not about what you do, but how you do it. SansHands™ Flow is the opposite of ‘Massage in a Rush’, which only skims over the surface! The very nature of SansHands™ Flow causes the practitioner to be right here, right now - tuning in and working ‘with’ the tissue rather than ‘on’ the tissue.

It’s massage with forearms that is slow, connected and present; sinking down to the deeper layers where tension lies hidden.

Therapist’s Health and Longevity is Front and Center:

Your massage practice should be just that: “A Practice” that nourishes not only your clients, but you and your life as a whole. The best thing you can do for your clients, is to remain healthy and injury free. By focusing first and foremost on your own body alignment and technique, you can cultivate a sustainable practice that delivers the very best therapy to your clients for years to come. A healthy, engaged, injury free therapist, working well within their capabilities, and a long term satisfied client is a healing alliance that nurtures and sustains both.

In This 24-Hour Course You Will Learn To:

  • Use the 7 different surfaces of the forearm in a surprising variety of ways for flowing effleurage strokes, deep tissue, exceptional neck work, and even stretching and reflexology - all without strain or damage to your hands, thumbs, fingers, wrists or lower back.
  • Postural principles derived from the movement arts, such as grounding, moving from your core, flow and making gravity your ally, are taught through experiential exercises, giving you a felt perception of their effectiveness and application.
  • You work with a low table that 1) allows you to transfer more of your weight onto your forearms, and 2) creates an opportunity to work sitting on your massage stool or half kneeling at the side of the table. Optimal body positioning is one of the key concepts of SansHands™ Flow.
  • Bring presence into your bodywork. SansHands™ Flow is the art of becoming present and attuned to the subtle changes felt in your own and your client’s body. This becomes possible once you slow down to feel the subtle changes that are happening from moment to moment.
  • Connect with your breath and that of your client to increase awareness and improve the over all effectiveness of your massage.
  • Utilize “The Law of Least Effort.” Receive as much as you give in your sessions. Finish your massage day refreshed and energized!
  • Conduct seamless 1 to 1.5 hour sessions with SansHands™ Flow that allow ample time for deep specific work where it’s needed; as well as luxurious connecting stokes, that create a complete and satisfying experience for the client.
  • Enjoy every moment of your massage. Much like Free Form Dance, with SansHands™ Flow your massage becomes a creative process that unfolds organically, rather than being a job to get done. What could be better?

Note: There are some general guidelines for practitioners, so be sure to consult with your Body Wisdom advisor if this modality is a good fit for you.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 or Equivalent