Barefoot Bars Deep Tissue Massage (32 hours)

One of the biggest challenges facing massage therapists today is delivering the deeper bodywork that most clients demand, while at the same time taking care of their own bodies. Deep Tissue massage is requested by upwards of 75% of massage clients; yet massaging deeply with the hands can be exhausting and invite injury to hands, wrists and lower back. The answer for many therapists is to allow gravity to do the work through their feet.

Body Wisdom’s Barefoot Bars Deep Tissue approach combines traditional barefoot approaches from Asia and India with modern western Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release techniques, to create a rich and satisfying deep pressure massage.

Once exposed to the nurturing broad surface of the foot and Body Wisdom’s SLOW deep tissue approach, your clients will become instant converts. When they realize how good they feel, both during and after a Barefoot Bars session, the word spreads fast and many new clients will find their way into your practice. In fact many of our graduates find that their practice naturally gravitates towards a higher percentage of Barefoot Bars sessions, which allow them to increase their income by working on more clients per week. Once your clients experience Barefoot Bars Deep Tissue they likely won’t want to return to ordinary table massage.

A happy client and a healthy therapist make for a successful and long term wellness alliance.

What Does This All Look Like?

Barefoot Bars Deep Tissue is performed with your client draped normally on your regular massage table. An overhead parallel bar system, supported from the ceiling, gives you stability, balance and control. The majority of the unique Body Wisdom sequence is done with one foot positioned solidly on the side of the table, while your other foot applies just the right amount of weight to your client’s body.

Gravity does all the work for you, while you glide seamlessly over the client’s body, working slow and deep, or smooth and luxurious, as required. Your massage work becomes many times more effective as you enjoy the dance of Barefoot Bars Deep Tissue.

To complete the picture, 20% of your massage time is spent sitting comfortably on a stool, with your back supported by the wall, as you work effortlessly on the client’s upper back and shoulders or deliver out-of-this-world neck work. The surprising truth is, that neck work, performed with the feet and hands in concert, is some of the best neck work you or anyone else could ever receive!

After mastering one-footed moves, time is devoted to learning some wow-factor two-footed moves to add variety and apply additional pressure as required.

What You Will Learn in This 32-Hour Course:

  • Origins of Barefoot Bars Deep Tissue
  • Cautions and Contraindications
  • Optimal Body Mechanics for Safety and Effectiveness
  • Proper Draping and Boundaries
  • Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release Therapy
  • One-Footed Moves
  • Two-Footed Moves
  • Treatment Options for Prone, Supine and Side-Lying Positioning
  • Advice on How to Create a Blended Practice
  • Options for Bars Installation and Treatment Room Set Up
  • Portable Bar Systems for Events
  • Foot Care and Hygiene 
  • Marketing Barefoot Bars to Your Client Base

Who Should Take This Course?

If you work with clients that are a good bit larger than you, or request deep pressure, this course is ideal. By employing gravity and leverage your massage will become many times more effective, and your sessions will become a joy instead of a ‘tug-of-war’.

Note: There are some general fitness and weight guidelines for practitioners, so be sure to consult with your Body Wisdom advisor.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1