European Spa Specialties (24 hours)

Europe is noted as the historical center of the spa & wellness industry. Many cultures and treatments coalesced in this part of the world, where people of wealth and high standing ‘took to the waters’ for their health. Current day spas and wellness centers offer therapeutic services to all levels of clients in a variety of settings. While treatments surely feel lavishing and nurturing, they also come with great therapeutic and healing properties. Students enjoy a true wellness experience themselves during the course!

Based on classic European style wellness, students will learn:

  • Preparation, techniques and set-up for spa ‘dry room’ facilities
  • Skills needed to deliver spa treatments for exfoliation and body wraps
  • Concepts and treatments using Fango Therapy (muds) and Thalasso Therapy (sea)
  • Treatments to improve cellulite and detoxify muscles
  • Sanitization principles
  • Marketing tips from seasoned professionals to create a thriving spa or wellness business

Highlights of this 24-hour course:

  • Giving and receiving authentic spa treatments throughout the class
  • Experience a variety of treatments using muds, scrubs, herbs and paraffin
  • Offer a treatment to a friend or family member in a classroom clinic setting

Focus for the course:

  • Empower students to gain the knowledge to work in any spa or wellness setting
  • Inspire entrepreneurship and confidence to use spa & wellness treatments in their own businesses
  • Instill knowledge of historical and scientific information about the health and relaxation benefits of spa and wellness services
  • Assist students to share their newfound skills with the ‘public’ in a supervised clinic setting

Come and see how quickly and easily you can learn to do spa treatments like a professional! Enjoy yourself while you learn to treat and receive these health-giving sessions for use in your own space or a professional spa or wellness clinic.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 or Equivalent