Deep Tissue Massage (48 hours)

Our unique Deep Tissue Course is designed to prepare the student to enter the rapidly maturing sub field of clinical and deep tissue massage. The goal of this course is to provide the practitioner with the clinical understanding and specialized skills necessary to effectively treat patients suffering from basic neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. Deep Tissue Massage provides students with the foundational knowledge and skills for working with common injuries, chronic tension, pain, and physical dysfunctions.

Students will learn appropriate treatment approaches for acute strain/sprain injuries, chronic dysfunctions of the low back, neck, hip, and shoulder, postural dysfunction, and general rehabilitation protocols.

Course Highlights:

Principles of Deep Tissue:

  • Working deep without strain on the therapist or pain to the client
  • Using leverage instead of effort
  • Working slowly and waiting for the tissue to melt
  • Avoiding the use of thumbs for deeper work
  • Allowing the body to stabilize before moving on

Basic Deep Tissue Strokes including:

  • Lengthening Strokes
  • Anchor and Stretch Techniques (Pin and stretch)
  • Lengthen and Stretch
  • Broadening and Shortening
  • Cross Fiber Strokes
  • Separating Muscle Compartments
  • Myofascial Spreading

Use of the basic Deep Tissue “Tools” including:

  • Fingers instead of thumbs
  • Proper use of knuckles
  • Relaxed fist
  • Proper use of forearm strokes
  • Use of the elbow

Prerequisites: Anatomy: Bones & Muscles, Therapeutic Massage Levels 1 - 2