Rock to Relax: Pulsing & Rebalancing (16 hours)

Why Rocking?

Rocking is a universally understood form of relaxation that everyone can relate to. Starting with the womb experience, and then later on being rocked in the cradle, or our in mothers’ arms, is the way we came into this world. Is it any wonder then that a rocking technique applied to the body as an adult would summon up the same feelings of safety, pleasure and unconditional love? Waves lapping up on the side of a sailing vessel, gently rocking at anchor. Imagine yourself gently rocking inside a cozy hammock on a warm summer day. Old folks in their rocking chairs, telling stories of their younger days, and enjoying their golden years. Rocking seems to follow us from the womb and the cradle far into the autumn of our lives. Every living being and every animal has an innate positive response to the rocking motion.

Massage and Rocking Technique:

Instead of trying to relax the body from the outside, as normal massage does, rocking techniques relax the body from the inside out, and it does it so much faster. In fact it’s estimated that 10 minutes of rocking technique is far more relaxing then an hour of massage. But what if you could have both? How good would that be? Integrating Rock to Relax into your massage practice as a stand-alone treatment, or a relaxing interlude from deep tissue work and general massage, is a win for both client and practitioner.

The Trainings:

Rock to Relax: Pulsing – Micro Movements (16 Hours)

Rock to Relax: Rebalancing – Macro Movements (16 Hours)

The two Rock to Relax courses can be taken individually, yet there are also a matched set, one complimenting the other. The Micro Movements penetrate deep into the tissue and the psyche, opening and lengthening, while the Macro Movements open up compartments and integrate body parts back into the whole system. Instead of an either or, why not go with an all of the above, and sign up for both?

Pulsing utilizes the effects of vibratory motions, which cannot be detected and resisted by the body’s control and defense armoring. It bypasses tension that was initially created for the sake of protection, however, does not serve that purpose any longer. This also includes tension that stems from our natural reflexes to fearful moments or circumstances, which we often don’t release afterwards. Our lives are not as in tune with nature anymore, as animals in the wild. They will simply shake themselves after a tense moment, literally shrugging off the alertness to resume a relaxed state of being. Pulsing is like a reinstatement of this self-preserving wellness tool. The body gets a chance to shrug off tension completely non-confrontationally. To the contrary, hardening and blocking that stems from confrontational experiences is melted away and the long obsolete urge for safety can be released.

Rebalancing is a gentle, yet highly effective approach to somatic therapy and rehabilitation. Rebalancing employs the proven massage modalities of rhythmic compressions, jostling, vibration, rocking and taking joints through their full range of motion to relax tight muscles and coax body structures to let go without undue force. It is a flexible modality that can immediately be incorporated to complement your Swedish massage sequence or literally any other massage modality to increase its effectiveness at relaxing tissue and increasing range of motion. At the same time the gentle, non-force Rebalancing approach saves your hands and wrists from over use injuries and makes your job as a therapist easier and more enjoyable.

Naturally both Pulsing and Rebalancing each by themselves, and more so even when used in tandem, restore balance within the whole body and person. The client leaves with the sense of being ‘put back together again’, whole. The treatment is very grounding, and at the same time empowering, as it frees up fragments of life vital force that once were reserved for high alert, but have since been needed as life has progressed. Needless to say the health benefits of either, or the combination of these techniques are countless.

You will learn a complete sequence that can be delivered to your clientele as a popular stand-alone modality or incorporated into any other massage and bodywork modality.

Prerequisites: None