Intuitive Hands-On Energy Work (8 hours)

Woo Woo stuff? No, NOT this one! For many clients and therapists alike, ‘energy’ and ‘intuition’ are tainted words due to misuse labeling dubious practices or unexplainable concepts.

Scientifically, energy is interplay of invisible vortices. It is non-material, even though it can appear as tangible matter, like our bodies. And intuitivei simply means: based on feeling. Accordingly, what we teach in this course is: how to focus on feeling while touching the body.

Not lofty, but grounding!

You learn to become aware:

  • that you feel, and
  • what you feel, and
  • what action wants to happen, because the nature of energy is ‘ability to do’.
Intuitive Hands On Energy Work

This combination of aware feeling and doing is a recipe for success, not only in delivering calming and balancing bodywork to your clients, but also to relax and get grounded yourself. At the same time you drop work and effort and rather experience rejuvenation and ease as you flow along with what naturally occurs.

This course teaches a full-body sequence as a stand-alone modality or the option to incorporate Intuitive Hands-On Energy Work with other massage techniques.

We like to emphasize the dual benefits of Intuitive Hands-On Energy Work by teaching you how to indentify and assess life force within your own and your client’s body.

As you become familiar with the language of Intuitive Energy you will also learn how to create a perfect space that is conducive to this type of bodywork and enhances the balancing effects of your massage, utilizing light, sound, and other tools to establish the right atmosphere.

At the end of the course you will be prepared to promote this modality, explain it to your clients and communicate what they can expect from it.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the meaning of energy work and intuition and the concept of Intuitive Hands-On Energy Work
  • List the effects and benefits of this modality
  • Identify, assess and follow energy flow through aware feeling and touch
  • Perform a full-body session with this modality
  • Create a conducive atmosphere and space to perform effective Intuitive Energy sessions
  • Market the modality to clients

Prerequisites: By permission