Positional Release (48 hours)

Positional Release (PR) is an indirect technique to relieve muscular tension and reestablish pain-free range of motion in joints. PR is based on the principle of the “Position of Release”, where the massage therapist skillfully moves the muscle and joint into a position of greater comfort, that eases the client’s pain, and holds it until a full release of pain and tension occur in the body, and proper pain-free movement has been restored. The position of release, which allows the muscle to “reset” itself, may be held for up to a couple of minutes or more but the release most often occurs within 10-20 seconds.

Since there is no force required whatsoever; to the client, PR works as if by magic to relieve pain, joint hypo mobility, facial tension and protective muscle spasms where other more forceful techniques have failed.

For the practicing massage therapist PR offers yet another technique that is easy on the hands and wrists, preventing over use injuries while addressing a wide range of soft tissue dysfunctions that therapists see everyday.

Prerequisites: Anatomy: Bones & Muscles, Therapeutic Massage Level 1