Hot Stone Reflexology (16 hours)

Based on the same principle as Body Wisdom’s Foot Reflexology and Thai Foot Reflexology courses, this course recognizes that the zones and reflex areas in the feet and lower leg correspond directly with internal organs and body systems and stimulate the performance of their functions.

Unique to this approach are Asian traditions, foremost Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zone Therapy. Besides addressing specific body parts only, the aim is to restore the overall wellness, bringing all functions back into balance. The objective is to revive the immune capacity, increase physical energy levels and relieve psycho-emotional stress.

In addition to hand techniques students learn to use hot volcanic basalt stones to apply precise alternating pressure techniques for therapeutic effect on the corresponding area of the body. Heat in concert with the zone work is used to improve blood flow, enhance the body’s internal communication pathways, and melt physical, emotional and mental tension.

A Hot Stone Reflexology session is a lavishing treat for the feet and lower legs, and deeply relaxing to the entire body and mind. While the practitioner actively works on one foot and leg, the other foot and leg rest neatly wrapped in infused lubricant and heated stones for comfort and invigoration.

Prerequisites: None