Faith S.

Massage Therapist, Musician, and Teacher, Faith Swanson graduated from Body Wisdom School with special focus on medical massage, utilizing a wide range of modalities from Orthopedic, over Myofascial, Deep Tissue, and Lymphatic Massage to Stretching and Aromatherapy. She is also a life coach and has experience in working with professional tri-athletes and runners. Faith currently practices within a chiropractic, wellness and spa setting.

At Body Wisdom, Faith is trained and has taught a long list of modalities. She easily learns and comprehends at a mastery style level and possesses the gift of raising newly studied subjects to a higher level of perfection.

Presenting, leadership, and teaching abilities are at the core of Faith’s personality, which explains why she has always embodied and displayed great authority and capability, even at a very young age.

Faith emphasizes the importance of holistic awareness and healthy life style with her clients. Her motto is to expand joy by finding the gold in everything, especially people and places.

Her priorities are family, friends, personal growth, adventure and travels. Besides many locations in the US Faith has visited Africa and Europe. She loves international connections to broaden her perspective and horizon. Some of her closest friends call Switzerland, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada their homes.

Faith is not only her name, but also her passion in life. An extended in-depth ministry education in California has inspired her to live all of her talents authentically. She writes, plays, and sings music, like her first album and video: “Beyond Myself” and ‘The Mountain Project”.

Instructor: Therapeutic Massage Series, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy & Massage, Soothing Belly: Abdominal Massage


  • Musician
  • Ministry & Leadership
  • Wellness Management
  • Massage Therapist since 2013

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