Jillian P.

Home schooled on a rural southwestern Iowa family farm, Jillian graduated top of her class 2009 from ‘The French Culinary Institute’ in New York City before holding management positions in some of the city’s acclaimed restaurants.

Returning to the Midwest, a windy path lead her to Des Moines, where Jillian discovered Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School in passing on her way to a customer. Soon she decided to pursue massage as a career. As professional she then realized the importance of a positive work environment and how much it contributes to her life as an added luxury to the enjoyment of the profession itself.

Her marriage brought Jillian to Omaha, where she enjoys her massage practice at Skilled Touch Health & Healing. “I love it!”, she says. Besides specializing in Myofascial & Deep Tissue Therapy, Jillian practices Orthopedic/Sports Massage, much of which she continues to study in depth.

Presenting and teaching come natural to Jillian. Her knowledge and passion however, reach way beyond massage expertise and culinary pleasures. She never stops studying, learning, exploring, and expanding her interests. She may well be the most versed human lexicon walking the planet. Plus she delivers facts and opinions with a great sense of humor and the right timing to catch you off guard. In that sense Jillian is ‘different’, and she wears and owns it extremely well.

At the same time, James has advanced his knowledge and expertise through countless training and continuing education courses, also including pretty much every course ever offered at Body Wisdom.

Always going the extra mile, it’s not unheard of for Jillian to be called a student’s favorite teacher.

Together with her husband, she often travels to New York and places around the US and Europe. She holds a black belt in Taekwondo, which she practices regularly. Cooking remains a big part of her life. She also loves gardening, playing with textiles and fibers, reading, and studying anything that tickles her fancy.

Instructor: Orthopedic (Sports) Massage


  • Grand Diploma Culinary Arts
  • Chef
  • Martial Arts Athlete
  • Historic Crafts Artisan
  • Self-Taught in Multiple Fields
  • Massage Therapist since 2017

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