Mandy L.

Tender, feisty, and deep are words that may describe Mandy’s personality.

Growing up her parents instilled the importance of hard work in her, while her younger brother-sister twins helped her learn patience, compassion and the responsibility of being a positive role model. However, Mandy credits her ‘rebellion’ for her musical and artistic talents and the insatiable appetite for cultural culinary treats, and for reading – everything: science, Sci-Fi, biographies, poetry, etc.

Many has endless interest and endless gifts, and she loves the broad spectrum of all things. She grew up in urban Des Moines but considers herself an outdoor kid with a passion for nature, and also loves NY City and great art galleries. Mandy may appear a bit quiet but she loves to explore, adventure, and looks forward to future travel, to Italy for example. She studied psychology but also holds a Graphic Design & Web Design degree. She loves the scientific side of the human body, and functional medicine, as well as the subtle functions, nutritional needs, and the person’s mental/spiritual wellness. Health for Mandy incorporates every aspect of life and wide-ranging awareness.

Mandy considers treating people well, with respect, with empathy, and compassion to be most important in life. For herself she believes that the change stemming from the openness to tasting everything keep her young and vital. That self-improvement leads to self-fulfillment and self-contentment, and the enjoyment of life’s journey.

Neither the mechanical nature of her dad’s career, nor her mom’s nursing profession struck Mandy as her own passions. Wanting to apply more creativity and artistry Mandy discovered that Massage Therapy allows her to live out her strong desire to help people! “It gives me purpose and fulfills me; and it is therapeutic for one self to practice massage”, she says.

Of course after initially mastering much of Western style bodywork, it comes to no surprise that Mandy wants to study more of the Eastern modalities as well as everything in between.

Instructor: Student Clinic


  • BA Graphic & Web Design
  • Proprietary Instructor Training
  • Massage Employment
  • Massage Therapist since 2008

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