Matt J.

Body Wisdom graduate Matt J holds a degree in Kinesiology with emphasis on movement and exercise science. Originally from NE Iowa, Matt founded his successful Massage & Personal Trainer business in Des Moines.

An avid researcher, Matt’s studies of recovery enhancement methods derived from emerging science take him all over the country, continuously advancing and developing his unique approach to manual therapy.

Matt’s own sports and performance history, plus multiple injuries add to his in-depth understanding of the body. Consistently building his expertise, Matt also pays special attention subtle signals the body reveals through restrictions, posture, and tissues. His ability of combining knowledge, skill, and identification of body clues with technical understanding of functional human mobility and movement make his work highly effective.

Special interest in the psycho-social aspects of human movement and development further broadens his spectrum of studies, as Matt constantly challenges himself to higher achievements through critical questioning.

Living by the motto to ‘Broaden & Contribute’, Matt loves to share his passion and excitement with clients, students, and peers alike.

Privately, Matt enjoys deep and meaningful conversations, listening to podcasts and audio books, or engaging in home building projects. He believes in up-cycling, attends professional sporting events, and loves family gatherings.

Matt is a young genius with a bright future.

Instructor: Functional Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology


  • BA Movement & Exercise Science
  • Personal Trainer
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • On-Going Medical Bodywork Studies
  • Massage Therapists since 2013

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