Sadie H.

With the first decade plus of professional massage experience under her belt, Sadie enjoys a flourishing private practice, “Divine Current”, in a small town tucked in the bluffs of Guttenburg in Northeast Iowa. She is also a certified doula and hosts a local “Red Tent” in her community. A mother of two beautiful and vibrant children herself, Sadie has developed a very deep reverence for the female body and certainly the art of the human body systems.

Something that stands out when you meet Sadie is her unbelievable wisdom (she could be 1,000 years old) and her level of appreciation for - well, everything really! Perhaps some of it stems from mastering challenges in her young life when her parent’s unexpected divorce suddenly forced her to be the woman of the house. And soon after in her junior year, while still strengthening the bond with her father and regaining footing, their house burned down resulting in the loss of absolutely everything. The house was rebuilt and a year later it was struck by a tornado. This left Sadie with a new outlook on life: “When you lose all your belongings, material things don’t matter so much.” She started finding blessings along the way – a sense of community, gratitude for the little things that are actually BIG, and the importance of connection to nature and kind souls.

Sadie’s motto is: “Let your Light Shine!” She brings this to her teachings and loves to shine her light on each student, inviting them to step forward into their abilities. One of her many talents is to express knowledge and demonstrate massage techniques in a very pragmatic way: easy to comprehend and adopt.

Some of her specialties include Rock-to-Relax: Pulsing & Rebalancing, which are ideally suited for her, as she lives the principles of these modalities in her every breath and move. Sadie also teaches “Stand-your-Ground” – Legs & Feet as well as “Your Crown & Glory – Head Massage - both part of our Special Body Series and perfectly match her firm grip on reality and her sense for holistic wellness.

A true nature spirit, Sadie also loves to garden, hike, float, dance, paint, and build fairy houses – what else!?

Instructor: Rock to Relax: Pulsing, Rock to Relax: Rebalancing, Ayurvedic Shirodhara, Your Crown & Glory: Head Massage, Stand Your Ground: Legs & Feet


  • Proprietary Custom Instructor Training
  • Facilitator Girls & Women Training
  • Yoga Insructor
  • Doula
  • Business Owner
  • Massage Therapist since 2008

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