Samantha M.

A Body Wisdom graduate and thankful for what her teachers provided for her, Samantha relates well to students and loves to support them in unleashing their full potential. “We are all capable of so much more than we think”, she says.

Born to artistic parents in Seattle, Washington, Samantha moved to small town Iowa at an early age, when she learned to conquer great challenges, including putting herself through school, which resulted in her independence, resourcefulness, perseverance, persistence and courage. Nevertheless, Samantha treasures the connectedness that arises from true love more than anything, as it allows for close bonds to prevail under extreme circumstances.

Samantha’s love flows into everything she does and fuels her creativity. Always in the mood for adventure, easily inspired and motivated, she loves to share her skills and care for others. After working for 3 years at a preschool, she became a CNA serving in an assisted living facility alongside managing a personal art studio downtown Des Moines, and hosting art shows and events dedicated to presenting art as a helpful and affordable tool to anyone.

With optimism and a sense of humor, Samantha has developed much appreciation for resources. She considers herself a pro thrift-finder, is environmentally conscious, and excels at repurposing.

Full of exciting business ideas and passion for massage therapy with its many fascinating modalities, including trauma release, Samantha enjoys practicing her profession and continuously expands her knowledge.

Samantha values family, friends, art, music and dancing; she loves animals, going on road trips, and life itself.

Instructor: Student Clinic


  • Artist
  • Preschool TA
  • CNA
  • Proprietary Instructor Training
  • Massage Therapist since 2018

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