Tiaira P.

With roots in Michigan and NE Iowa, where she grew up, Tiaira’s passion has always been to help others. Even though her initial track was social work, life directed Tiaira through a number of career stations in the medical field, finance, legal affairs, management, and customer service, where she could do some good for others, but didn’t really feel fulfilled. Further search, led her to massage therapy, which she calls her ‘new passion’.

A graduate of Body Wisdom, and with an Associates of Arts degree, Tiaira specializes in fusing modalities of Swedish, deep tissue, and craniosacral massage, and practices bamboo, lymphatic drainage, orthopedic/sports, hot stone reflexology, seashell, and maternity massage. In addition, Tiaira creates signature body scrubs & creams, and hot towel wraps in her own private practice.

Teaching comes natural to Tiaira, and students and clients alike appreciate her bubbly personality, great empathy & compassion, as well as her experience, capability, and work ethics.

Tiaira says, “If you are going to do something, do it to the fullest. No half steps!”, and she believes in the importance of treating others how you would like to be treated yourself.

A mom of 2 kids herself, Tiaira’s top value of family and her can-do attitude, make her a great team player, while she likes to go with the flow and achieve results through joint efforts.

Besides listening and writing music, Tiaira enjoys fishing, glamping, traveling, great foods & goods, for a healthy work-life balance.


  • Associates of Arts Degree
  • 900-Hour Massage Certification
  • Team Leader
  • Business Owner

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