The Care Track Course Series

The Care Track Course Series offers four distinct courses tailored to serve vulnerable populations with utmost sensitivity and expertise, addressing critical aspects of care provision.

These courses are designed to be culturally sensitive and cater to patients across a wide age range, from pediatric to adolescent, young, and aging adults, preparing participants to apply acquired knowledge and skills in various healthcare settings.

As the demand for skilled practitioners capable of delivering specialized care continues to rise, our "Care Track" equips any healthcare professional & caregiver, including friends and family members of care patients, with the necessary tools to excel in their roles.

Whether you're looking to enhance your professional or personal skill set any single course prepares you for a deeply rewarding journey of service.

Oncology & Critical Care Massage

Empowers therapists to provide safe, effective massage to patients of any age in multiple critical care settings. Participants learn to understand medical conditions, apply bodywork techniques, and communicate effectively with both patients, their families, and medical teams.

Geriatric (Elderly) Massage

Offers comprehensive training in comprehending and addressing the specific needs of the aging client and use hands-on techniques with a compassionate approach. Students part-take in a field trip for real life experience and will be prepared to practice in various settings.

Hospice (Palliative Care) Massage

This deeply rewarding modality is designed for therapists to benefit hospice patients, including pediatric and younger adults, their families, and medical teams. Covering pain management, emotional support, appropriate touch & massage, and effective communication, students learn to contribute invaluable skills to impact clients and those who accompany them at the end of their journey.

Death Doula Certification

Designed for anyone who wishes to support individuals and families during the final stages of life. Covering a range of sensitive topics including ethical and cultural guidelines, effective communication, and comfort measures, this certification prepares participants to be compassionate and knowledgeable companions for those transitioning from life.