Business Ethics, Law and Communication (6 Hours)

NOTE: For CE purposes this ethics breakout session of our core business program serves as an extremely valuable 6-hour course.

Not unlike most might expect, this course is not dry and boring. Rather participants will engage in active participation in this lively, interesting and highly valuable learning experience. Each segment is designed to expose you to ethics, law and professionalism in a playful, yet true-to-life manner.

Ethical principals, legal matters and effective professional communication skills are presented by utilizing interactive exercises and demonstrations, making the content even exciting and inspiring, especially as you begin to realize how much it is likely to impact your professional success. In fact, even your personal relations could see a boost when you adopt these universally useful principles.

In any case you will walk away from this course with a higher level of awareness in communication, new practical insights, easy solutions for challenging situations, better clarity, greater integrity, simple tools and a sense of empowerment in business and beyond. And you clients will thank you for it!

Prerequisites: None