Event, Promotional and Corporate Chair Massage (8 or 12 Hours)

This course is part of Body Wisdom’s Business Program as taught within the core curriculum. For CE purposes therapists may take this course as a break-out session and stand-alone modality. The first 8 hours of the course focus on hands-on practices and applications, while the remaining 4 hours include an actual field trip to put all newly learned skills to work and get a first-hand experience of using chair massage in a public setting.

Chair Massage is however not only a useful method to provide massage therapy at events or for corporations, it is an ideal promotional tool to provide prospective clients with a taste of your work, skills and signature touch, while meeting you face to face.

Furthermore, chair massage is the optimal answer for clients who prefer short sessions or prefer not to disrobe due to time constraints or logistics. Perhaps they want to utilize a lunch break to relax or start the work day on a healthy note. At the same time you, as the therapist, can fill the open slots by welcoming walk-in’s or shorter session slots to organize and structure your perfect work load and schedule.

This course provides the modern massage therapist with a whole selection of massage tools to be used with clients fully dressed in a seated position, using any regular or a professional massage chair. Participants will learn an entire full-body massage sequence, as well as how to customize an excellent treatment. Keep in mind that chair massage can provide effective benefit to the client within as little as 5-10 minutes, but you can also offer any longer sessions, such as 15, 20, 30 or 45 minute for example. What makes this course extra special is the add-on massage cloth that allows for smooth strokes despite clothing, otherwise only achieved with lubricants. While this gem of a course is packed with great techniques, we emphasize healthy body mechanics and pass on all the necessary tips and tricks that make any chair massage a hit.

You will also learn to approach and work with event organizers, corporations and clientele to offer chair massage services, congruent with planning, logistics and proper execution.

Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage Level 1 or Equivalent (or by Permission)